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Samantha Zirkin


Point 93
Samantha Zirkin is the founder of Point 93, which leverages dynamic pricing to enable a conversation between retailers and their individual customers. She is focused on delivering effective revenue maximization strategies and allowing retailers to partner with their customers in evolving more ethical, sustainable business practices.

She has interviewed hundreds of people involved in all aspects of retail, including CEOs, pricing analysts, merchandisers, and supply chain workers. Building on their experiences, she designed a universal customer-facing platform to capture and analyze data that will allow for unique market insights, individualized customer profiles across stores, trend analytics, and far more accurate business forecasting.

She is passionate about social justice and has traveled the world, volunteering with her children, living in 9 different countries on 4 different continents.

Speaking in:

Sunday Jan 15
2:15 - 2:55 PM
Hall E, Room 1E 14, Level 1

Gone are the days when retailers and brands spoke to the customer. Now, all conversations must be dynamic and interactive as shoppers want to feel known – and valued.
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